Recipe: Zebra cake

This is a surprisingly easy cake to make, which tastes fantastic and looks really impressive.  I made this for an Easter feast at church last Sunday and it was very well received.  As you can see, unfortunately the cake collapsed a little after baking and so was not as light and fluffy as I’d have … Continue reading

Recipe: Oatmeal ‘soda’ bread

As something of an experiment I’ve been avoiding gluten recently, including bread.  It’s been shown that a large percentage of people have a minor sensitivity to gluten, meaning that while it’s not going to kill you, gluten is likely to make you feel not quite right.  Due to the mildness and variety of symptoms, many people take these … Continue reading

Recipe: Flourless Banana Muffins

With exams looming in a few weeks, I have been pretty much living in the university library.  This means leaving pretty early in the morning to avoid getting stuck in traffic, which sucks when you’re definitely not a morning person!  I hate having to rush my morning coffee or eat breakfast before I’m fully functional, … Continue reading