Where do we go now?

For as long as I can remember, it has been my dream to become a vet.  Amazingly, despite several setbacks along the way, in a few short months that dream is coming true.  For almost as long, I have dreamed of leaving this little island and relocating to the USA, more specifically Los Angeles.  For … Continue reading

Burning the midnight oil

Apologies for being so quiet lately, life has been quite hectic!  Let me give you a quick update… I’ve been pretty much constantly on the go since my last post.  For a couple of weeks in May I did get a break, and travelled with Stewart and my parents to Mexico for a wedding!  It … Continue reading

Don’t fear the re-sit

On Monday, I received some fantastic news.  Our exam results were published, I passed everything, so I can at last say I am officially a Final Year Vet!  I am not writing this post purely in celebration, or to gloat, this has been no easy feat.  Vet School is hard, and a lot of people … Continue reading

Less than 48 hours to finals…

…and you realise how many topics you’ve still got to cover

How I feel about exams right now

That is all. 17 more days ’til I’m done with studying and have time to write a decent post =)