VLOG: Dance, Dance


Burning the midnight oil

Apologies for being so quiet lately, life has been quite hectic!  Let me give you a quick update… I’ve been pretty much constantly on the go since my last post.  For a couple of weeks in May I did get a break, and travelled with Stewart and my parents to Mexico for a wedding!  It … Continue reading

We made it!

Today was a big milestone for Glasgow BVMS class of 2014; we had our last EVER set of vet school lectures!  Keeping with tradition, as we were learning about zoo medicine, we all dressed up as animals. (Skip on over here for how to turn your hair into cat ears, so glad I found this!) We … Continue reading

Breathe and reboot…

So it has been brought to my attention recently that I am massively guilty of blog neglect.  3 years since my last post is shameful, I humbly apologise and vow to do better in future. Since it has been such a long time, I feel it’s appropriate to start by bringing you up to speed … Continue reading